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I'm a mathematician working in analytic theory of ordinary and partial differential equations, singularly perturbed problems and summability methods in several variables to treat formal solutions of such problems. My research interests include Borel summability, holomorphic dynamics, normal forms of holomorphic vector fields and classical complex analysis.

I'm a member of the research group ECSING-AFA (Ecuaciones y Singularidades - Análisis Funcional Aplicado) based in Spain and gathering different reseachers from Spain and abroad.

I am currently an assistant professor at the Math program of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Medellín.


Contact information

Sergio Alejandro Carrillo Torres                              Email

Department of Mathematics                                                       

Universidad Nacional de Colombia                                             Skype sergio.carrillo.torres 
Carrera 65 # 59A - 110, CP: 050034                                

Medellín, Colombia                                                                      CvLAC              Google Scholar

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